Merit Badges

Steps for completing a merit badge.

  1. Select the merit badge you want to earn. A good resource for this is
  2. Find one or more other scouts that want to earn the same merit badge. Scouts are not permitted to work one-on-one with a counselor outside a group setting.
  3. Get approval from the troop scoutmaster or assistant scoutmaster and get a signed blue card.
  4. Find a merit badge counselor from Troop 405's Merit Badge Counselor List for 2012. This PDF file is password-protected by the usual Troop 405 password for documents. If you don't know this password, ask another scout or an adult leader.
  5. Download a merit badge worksheet.
  6. Contact a counselor and make arrangements to work on the badge.
  7. Once completed and the counselor has signed off on all requirements, return the blue card to a scoutmaster or assistant scoutmaster.