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Fall 2015 - Summer 2016

September 12-13: Round Lake Backpacking Trip

September 13: Shooting Sports Merit Badge Day @ Ranchos Los Machos, Livermore

September 19: Ryley Shanks Eagle Project @ Roger's Ranch

September 26: Advance Camp

October 9-10: Santa Cruz Beach Jam @ Satna Cruz Beach Boardwalk

November 7: Weebelos Activity

November 20-22: New Brighton Beach

December 4-6: Pinacles National Park

January 16-18: Cabin Camping @ Rep's Cabin

February 19-21: Mt Tam State Park

March 18-20: Samuel P. Taylor State Park

March 23: Mt. Tamalpais Hike

April 30-May 1: Briones District Camporee/Troop Chalenge

April 23-24: Pointe Reyes National Seashore

May 21: Riley Shanks Eagle Court of Honor

June 4: FAGES II

June 11-12: Backpacking

July 16-23: Camp Wolfeboro

August 13-14: Ziplining in Sonoma

Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

September 13-14: Showers Lake Campout, Pacific Crest Trail

September 27: Advance Camp, Contra Costa Count Fairgrounds, Antioch

October 10-12: Big Basin Redwoods State Park Campout

November 1: Training Bike Ride for Marin Headlands

November 23-24: Martin Headlands Bike Ride and Overnight

December 5-7: Pt. Reyes Backpacking

January 17-19: Cabin Camping @ Repp Cabin

February 20-22: Mt. Diablo State Park Campout

March 14-15: Troop Camporee @ Lake Chabot (Hawk Ridge)

April 17-19: Beach Camping (Sonoma State Beach or Santa Cruz)

May 3: Swimming event (Forest Hills Aquatic Park; 2pm)

May 15-17: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

July 4: Pleasant Hill Fourth of July Parade

July 6: Troop Pool Party

July 18-25: Camp Wolfeboro Summer Camp

August 17: Troop Meeting @ Sky High

Fall 2013 - Summer 2014

September 19-21: Troop Outing (Russian River Canoeing)

September 28: Advance Camp

October 11-13: Iron Horse District Camporee

November 22-24: Copperopolis & Caving

December 13-15: Backpacking @Pt. Reyes (Sky/Wildcat)

January 18-20: Cabin Camping (Ski & Snow Play) @Repp Cabin

Febuary 14-16: Pinnacles National Park

March 21-23: Troop Camporee Mt. Diablo

May 16-18: Beach Camping  @Salt Point

May 31: Fages II

June 7: Mt. Wittenburg Day Hike

June 13-15: Bear Lake Backpacking

July 7: Troop Pool Party @Forest Hills Aquatic Park

July 12-19: Summer Camp (Wolfeboro)

Fall 2012 - Summer 2013

July 29-August 11: Philmont Crew 730-H@Philmont Scout Ranch

July 13-20: Camp Wolfeboro

June 15-17: Gladys' Cabin Clean-up & Bear Valley Campout

June 7-9: OA Wolfeboro Ordeal

May 18-19: Camping/Backpacking @ Angel Island

April 20-21: Las Mariposas Civil War Re-enactment

March 22-24:Troop Camporee

February 16-17: Glady's Cabin/ Snow Camping (Postponed)

January 16: L.E.A.D. Event

January 18-20: Cabin Camping (Ski and Snow Play)

December 14-16, 2012: Pinnacles Camp out

November 18-19, 2012: Marin Headlands Bike Trip

November 10, 2012: Marin Headlands Pre-ride

September 28-29, 2012: Advance Camp, Contra Costa Fairground, Antioch

Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

September 24: Advance Camp, Contra Costa Fairgrounds, Antioch

October 15-16: Jamboree on the Air

October 28-30: St. Helena Rim Hike & Campout

November 13: Bike Training Ride

November 20-21: 20-mile Marin Bike Trip & Hostel Overnight

December 9-11: Camping & Backpacking, TBD

January 13-15: Piatt's Cabin Snow Skiing

February 17-19: Glady's Cabin Snow Play

March 2-4: Snow Camping - CANCELLED

March 16-18: Troop Camporee, Hawk Ridge, Lake Chabot - RESCHEDULED

March 31-April 1: Troop Camporee, Hawk Ridge, Lake Chabot

April 13-15: Bike Trek & Camping, TBD

April 21-22: Civil War Days

May 25-27: Whitewater Rafting, South Fork, American River

June 2: Fages II 20-Mike Hike, Camp Hermes, Tilden/Wildcat Regional Parks

June 9-11: Glady's Cabin Cleanup & Backpacking

June 24-30: Camp Cherry Valley, Catalina Island

July 14-21: Camp Wolfeboro, Bear Valley

August 4-12: 50-Mile Backpacking Trip, TBD

Fall 2010 - Summer 2011

September 19: Day Hike (map and compass, wildlife identification), 7 1/2 miles, moderate difficulty, Briones Regional Park (Highlander), Martinez

September 25: Advance Camp, Contra Costa Fairgrounds, Antioch

Octobert 8-10: Beach Campout

October 17: 18th Annual Scout Orienteering Championships

October 30: Bike Ride: Prep for Headlands Ride and Campout

November 20: Scouting for Food

November 21-22: Marin Headlands Bike and Campout

December 11-12: Mt. Tam Rim of the Bay Hike and Campout (Webelos invited), Alice Eastwood Group Campsite, Mt. Tam State Park [Park Brochure and Map] [A Rim of the Bay Hike]

January 29: Sacramento Train Museum (merit badge) / Bike Ride

February 19-20: Glady's Cabin Snow Trip

March 5-6: Snow Camping

April 2-3: Hawk Ridge Campout and Troop "Camp-O-Ree"

April 28-30: Sunol Backpacking

May 28-29: Civil War Days

June 4: Fages II 20-Mile Hike

June 11-13: Glady's Cabin Cleanup and Backpacking

June 20: Troop Swim Party and Family Cookout

June 19-25: Camp Cherry Valley

July 16-23: Camp Wolfeboro

August 6-13: 50-Mile Backpacking Trip


Fall 2009 - Summer 2010

September 19-20: Kayak across Tamales Bay from Marshall to Point Reyes [Photos]

September 26: Advance Camp

October 9-11: Backpacking in Yosemite. Half Dome, Cathedral Lakes, and Lyle Canyon [Photos]

November 1: Contra Costa Canal Trail 16.5-mile bike ride

November 22-23: Marin Headlands bike ride and Youth Hostel overnight

December 12-13: Hike Mt. Wittenberg Rim of the Bay in Point Reyes; Campout [Photos]

January 9: Mt. Diablo Day Hike, map and compass skills, animal identification. [Photos] [Hike Details]

January 15-17: Piatt’s Cabin ski trip – Bear Valley

February 12-14: Gladys’s Cabin snow and ski trip – Dodge Ridge [Photos] [Video] [Video]

March 6-7: Snow camping, Big Meadow Campground, Highway 4 near Bear Valley [Photos]

March 26-28: Hawk Ridge, Lake Chabot [Photos]

April 16-18: 100 Year Celebration Jamboree, Alameda County Fairground, Pleasanton [Photos]

May 15-16: Big Basin backpacking trip

May 31: Orienteering course

June 5: Fages II 20-mile Hike, Tilden and Wildcat Parks, El Cerrito, CA [Photos]

June 14: Swim Party and family potluck

June 18-20: Gladys’s Cabin cleanup and Dardanelles Campout [Photos]

June 20-26: Camp Cherry Valley, Catalina Island, CA [Photos]

June 27-July 3: Klamath River white water canoeing [Photos]

July 17-24: Camp Wolfeboro, Bear Valley, Sierra Mountains, CA [Photos]

August 8-14: 50 mile backpacking trip, High Sierras [Photos]


Fall 2008 - Summer 2009

September 27: Advance Camp

October 13: Church service project

November 2: Martinez Regional Shoreline bike ride, 13 miles

November 15-16: Marin Headlands bike ride and campout

November 15: Scouting for Food

November 12-13: Pinanacles National Monument Campout; Rim of the Bay Hike, 5.7 miles [Photos]

December 20-21: Point Reyes Camping and Backpacking, 5.3 miles

January 16-17: Piatt's Cabin Ski Trip

January 31: Friends of the Library service project

February 8: Biking, Lafayette-Moraga Trail, 15 miles

February 13-14: Glady's Cabin Snow Trip, Dodge Ridge

March 8: Mission Peak Rim of the Bay hike, Fremont, 6.9 miles [Photos]

March 13-14: New Scout Campout, Mt. Tam/Muir Woods [Photos]

April 5: Bike Ride on Carquinez Scenic Drive, 11/20 miles [Photos]

April 15-17: Bike Ride: San Francisco to Monterrey, 142 miles [Photos]

May 9-10: Henry Coe Park backpacking [Photos]

May 29-30: Camporee at Sugarloaf Open Space, Walnut Creek [Photos]

June 6: Fages Trail, Tilden and Wildcat Canyons in the Berkeley Hills, 20 miles

June 6: Martinez creek tree planting service project

June 12-14: Emigrant Wilderness backpacking and Glady's Cabin cleanup [Photos]

June 29: Swim Park and family potluck

July 18-25: Camp Wolfeboro, Bear Valley [Photos]

August 1-10: Philmont Scout Camp; 10 nights, 85 miles [Photos]

August 15-16: Lassen Volcanic Park Campout and Hikes [Photos]


Fall 2007 - Summer 2008

September 21-23: Salt Point State Park, Camping and 8-mile hike

October 7: Ellinwood Creek Survey

October 7: Pleasant Hill Instructional Gardens service project

October 14: Pleasant Hill Instructional Gardens service project

October 20: Brannan Island State Recreational Area campout

October 27: Ellinwood Creek survey

November 3: Church service project

November 4: Contra Costa Canal Trail bike ride, 15 miles

November 17: Marin Headlands Campout and Bike Ride, 32 miles

November 17: Scouting for Food

December 15: Bothe-Napa Valley State Park Campout and Mt. St. Helen Rim of the Bay Hike (10.2 miles)

January 12: Mt. Wittenberg Rim of the Bay Hike, 6 miles

January 18-21: Repp's Cabin Ski Trip, Lake Tahoe

February 15-17: Gladys' Cabin ski trip

February 23: New Scout Campout, Hawk Ridge, Lake Cabot

March 9: Urban Adventure, San Francisco

March 15-16: Camping and Hiking, Sunol Wilderness, Little Yosemite; 7 miles

April 18: Camporee, Bort Meadows

April 19: Earth Day, Ellinwood Creek cleanup

May 19: Orienteering

May 24: Rafting the South Fork of the American River; Family camping

June 7: Fages Trail hike, Berkeley hills; 20 miles

June 10-13: Quivira Scout Camp, Kansas; 3 nights

June 13-15: Dardanelles backpacking; 2 nights, 8 miles

June 22-27: Camp Cherry Valley

July 19-25: Camp Wolfeboro

August 2-9: Ruby Mountains 50-miler; 7 nights, 52 miles

August 4: Hidden Lakes Fishing

August 23: Lucas Cedermaz Eagle Ranch service project




January 12-14: Ski Trip, REPP cabin

January 21: Bike Ride, Canal and Iron Horse Trails, 20.2 miles

February 3: San Jose Stealth Lacrosse Game

Febrary 17: Glady's Cabin Ski Trip

February 24: Berkeley Urban Adventure

March 10-11: Camping at Lake Chabot

March 31: Camping at Murietta Falls, 12-mile hike

April 28-29: Camping on Mt. Diablo

May 4-6: Camping at Point Reyes Coast and Wildcamp camps, 24-miles hiking

May 11-12: Camporee at Bort Meadows, Lake Chabot

June 2: Tilden Park, Berkeley, Fages Trail hike, 21.2 miles

June 21-23: Glady's cabin cleanup and Bear Lake backpack in Emigrant Wilderness, Sierras, 7.2 miles

June 28-July 3: Camp Cherry Valley, Catalina Island

July 14-21: Camp Wolefboro, Bear Valley, Sierra Mountains, CA

August 1-11: Philmont Scout Camp, New Mexico

August 4: Ellinwood Creek Cleanup

August 6-11: Caribou / Lassen 50-mile backpack trip

August 13: Qzar gaming

August 20: Paddock Bowl